More accurate inventory in half the time

Stop wasting time & money.

BarDog eliminates the need for pen and paper inventories or double-entry into Excel. Our customers save hundreds of dollars switching from expensive and complex inventory systems.

BarDog takes an outdated process and simplifies it. This means less time doing low-value work, and fewer errors. Not to mention they have fantastic customer service.


Let the dogs out.

Track everything

Track and manage your beer, wine, liquor, beverages and bar supplies in one place. BarDog tracks all of the important details, including bottle size, order size, and cost.

Log purchases

Enter invoices, credits, and transfers into BarDog to track your vendor expenses. We’ll automatically match purchases and inventories to generate your gross margin.

Insanely fast inventory

Use your mobile device to directly record your counts. Match your shelf to the app by ordering and grouping items. Multiple users can count at once, BarDog does all the math for you.

Export your reports

Your inventory report shows item counts, inventory values, and par levels. Export your data to CSV or PDF.

Our dog pack.

We were paying over $150 a month for inventory software that we weren't even using. BarDog was a no-brainer for my staff, so simple to get started. The price was sweet too.

Get started today.

Pricing starts at $49 per month and includes everything you need to start doing inventory today. BarDog is backed by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.